Sunset Boulevard ★★★★


Billy Wilder is a master screenwriter. How does one man write The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, Double Indemnity, and Sunset Boulevard. This movie is pretty fantastic, but I don't think it's the masterpiece most people call it. The direction is fantastic I love the way Wilder potrays these relationships in the film. The screenplay is obviously fantastic it's pretty amazing. The narration is pitch perfect. Defintely one of the best of all time there is no doubt about that. The cinematography is gorgeous and the editing is great. The costume and production design is also fantastic. William Holden is excellent in the role he's so full of melancholy, but you can still feel this freshness from his hope of success. Gloria Swanson is fantastic she is so mesmerizing to watch and at some times quite chilling. Erich von Stroheim is also great as well. Now what I had problems with the film. Plainly sometime there were scenes in this film that just couldn't hold my attention. They sometime would feel too long or just unintersting to me. That isn't saying there weren't numerous scenes were I was riveted. There is also a plot twist that seems very unneeded in the overall way the film ends. This film js a masterclass is directing and screenwriting and has powerhouse performances, but feels a bit slow at points.

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