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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    Starting up late night movies again, cranking through movies I should’ve seen by now but haven’t. Was torn between this and some others that I’m sure I’ll be reviewing soon, but my roommate picked this. I feel like I’d seen Taxi Driver before without even having watched it before solely from how apparent its influence has been on contemporary cinema, plus the miscellaneous scenes I’ve watched in classes. 

    But I’m so glad I finally watched it through. My favorite moments…

  • A Separation

    A Separation


    I’ve been meaning to watch this film ever since it’s theatrical release back at the beginning of the decade, but it’s always slipped through my watchlist until now. I threw the movie on as a last minute late night flick not expecting to finish it in one go. But 30 minutes in, I was so engrossed I couldn’t stop until it was finished. The pacing of the film is a masterclass; I’ve never seen a film where such critical details/plot…

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  • Us



    Jordan Peele’s Us is unfortunately a sophomore slump. The film feels half-baked, as if the studio forced him to release the film before it were ready. There is a lot of unresolved and contradictory symbolism, unfocused characters and structure, and plotholes. The film has many fascinating ideas, but none are flushed out like they need to be. The performances are great, particularly Nyong’o, and the score is fantastic. Maybe Peele is too busy and has his hands in too many jars, but this is not the caliber of film that he could’ve made with the fascinating ideas behind it.

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    Somehow it’s taken me this long to watch David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, but holy fucking shit. I’m stunned, disturbed, captivated, and in sheer awe of what Lynch made. There are so many levels being played in this film, from its mixture of genres and eras to its exploration of suburban falsities, but I didn’t capture nearly enough in one watch through to piece it together in a successful analysis. But I was gripped from beginning to end, always on the…