Lamb ★½

2021 Ranked

Valdimar Jóhannsson’s Lamb is a glacially paced avant-garde film about a rural Icelandic couple that starts to raise a lamb child.

First off, this is no horror film. Whoever gave that genre label to this should be reprimanded. The film is pretty genreless, so just call it an arthouse drama.

I really did not care for this one. The pacing is a slog and the entire film is extremely uneventful, I guess to the point of the story. But what a bore, to be frank.

The CGI is a little uncanny valley, did not work for me.

Didn’t get the point of this. The grieving allegory feels pretty two dimensional and just feels like a loose tie to the bonkers concept. This is more of a mood film than anything else.

Beautiful cinematography. First A24 film I disliked.

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