☠️ Ipsissimus⛧Mocata ☠️

☠️ Ipsissimus⛧Mocata ☠️

Favorite films

  • The Shiver of the Vampires
  • Stalker
  • On the Silver Globe
  • Suspiria

Recent activity

  • Inferno of the Dead


  • Death Promise


  • Doctor Death


  • Design 2084


Recent reviews

  • Design 2084

    Design 2084

    Well, this certainly is right up there on the scale of obscurity. Directed by Mark Tosti in 1983 (possibly the same as an “L. Mark Tosti” who was a writer on The Incredible Melting Man) and made for a budget of $35k, Design 2084 features camera work by Gary Wagner, who later went on to do some second unit DP work for Death Spa and insert photography for The Terminator. So, not exactly the biggest of names involved, but I’ll…

  • Trashcans of Terror

    Trashcans of Terror

    Oh my god, this is just delightful. Like a more self-aware Things, but utterly devoid of the detached smugness that ruins modern intentionally bad films. A pure cinematic shitpost from rural eastern Oregon with one of the greatest movie voiceovers of all time, it’s abundantly clear that everyone involved was having an absolute blast. The pure fucking joie de vivre of the big trashcan fight was contagious in a a way that had me laughing and grinning like an idiot. One hell of a great theme song, too!

Popular reviews

  • Here We Come A-Wassailing

    Here We Come A-Wassailing

    Rarely has any non-fiction yuletide fare felt so close to devolving into a Wicker Man style human sacrifice at literally any moment.

  • Silver Slime

    Silver Slime

    Look, I know there are a fair amount of films and shorts that get called “an homage to gialli”, and a lot of times, that means you get the inclusion of a POV black-gloves-holding-a-razor shot (which this has), maybe a few color gels (which this also has!), but that’ll basically be it. It’ll be missing the dreamy [insert Italian equivalent of je ne sais quoi here] that makes it feel like the director gets it on a primal level. Silver…