Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 ★★★½

This feels unneeded Toy Story 3 seemed to end the story perfectly for me with Andy handing his toys over to Bonnie tying everything together in a nice bow alas we have a shut up and take my money sequel darn you Disney,which doesn't seem wanted but it's still a decent movie.
My biggest problems with the film it feels like the same old same old and it gives us a less satisfactory ending than what we got with the third installment at least in my option.
The film is beautifully animated as we can suspect from Disney I mean that rain at the start come on and the human characters well look human which in the first Toy Story wasn't all the way there yet.
There is differently emotion to be had and some interesting new characters while older characters are pushed back a little. I might have to rewatch the previous films but this seems to be the worst in the series but still a fun watch on a whole.

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