A Simple Plan ★★★★

Two brothers and a friend stumble upon millions at a plane crash scene, and will not take too much til greed find its way and start wrecking havoc on their relationship, with some lethal consequences - basically, this has to be the most Coen Brothers film ever not to be directed by The Coen Brothers... but Sam Raimi?

Bob Thornton and Paxton are incredible in here. The former has built a career for playing and delivering this very subdued yet powerful performances that crawls underneath your skin and gives you goosebumps. Bill also does a very good playing the moral compass, which as the film progresses, it begins to question everything, making everything feel more unsetting til the end.

The script again plays very in line with other great movies by the Coen like Blood Simple and Fargo, minus the humor and much dramatic. Most of the greatness in this film gets enhance by the awesome score by Elfman, which is both playful all captured in a eerie, almost haunting vibe.

All in all, while it could have used a better pacing, thanks to an Oscar nominated performance and script, this is a tense ride I will recommend to take on. A bonus for sure is to see Raimi kinda trying something entirely new.

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