After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

Action!: The Gangs Of Scorsese

After Hours? More like David Tennant's Series of Unfortunate Events (get it? Cause Griffin Dune looks a HELL lot like the British actor?)

So here's another film I've seen people around here singing some mad praises and I had so much high expectations and the first act (aka the set up) already had me questioning people's reception towards this because while there's some nice odd humor, great camera work (the scene where Marcy and our lead walks into teh diner with the smoke coming out and all was awesome), there was nothing really groundbreaking nor really entertaining.

However, when our guy leaves the girl he has fall mad in love and everything starts in motion and relevant characters start popping up and all dominoes start falling, this becomes a complete different beast. A wonderful dark comedy of errors that go into so much unexpected places and while it all feels very coincidential, you are having such a blast you really don't care. All supporting casts add so much into the story and to the fun value.

Again, the technical work in here helps pushing this comedy beyond all the rest into some new grounds that puts it above, while still having so much of its tongue-and-cheek, 80s campy humor.

All in all, a film that deserves the attention that has been getting and beyond. Totally will recommend for everyone to jump into the wagon.

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