Another Round

Another Round ★★★★★


Mom (in the first act when Martin's wife complains with him in the first act as he lays in the couch): The problem you are old.

Would a person be able to describe themselves as happy, energetic, confident, and optimistic if they have to be under considerable influence to maintain these characteristics? How can any of these substances be good if used by people defined by extremism?

In many ways, my re-watch of the now Oscar-nominated Another Round was enlightening, as I approached it not as someone driven by the promotional hype, but as someone seeking to know whether this film was really a very deep movie or a rather shallow film. Thomas did not seem ready to commit fully this time around. Instead, going in an almost centrist direction, it seems like no lessons were really learned by any of the parties, leaving me in a conflicted position. The ending did not seem to make sense to me as personally, I would not have had them drink what seemed like a lot of beer since that would have proved their initial conclusions with the –0.5% were correct, and drinking alcohol is what makes you all the things I stated in my opening paragraph. I might instead have the kids drink some and then have one group just loving life without consuming anything, showing the audience that you can have joy and happiness without taking any drugs or alcohol. At least, that was the point, and that was supposed to be a cathartic, bittersweet conclusion?

Mom (regarding Mads): With that beard he looks like he's sick.

Regardless of whether I agree with its philosophies, the film was nevertheless captivating, filled with complexity. As for its direction, I particularly enjoyed how the movie starts slow, almost to the point where you become frustrated, if not bored. Nothing happens, everything feels so awkward. However, as the whole experiment and testing is carried out, the film becomes much engrossing and enjoyable. That editing used to let audiences get into characters’ mental states was a brilliant decision.

All in all, a fantastic movie with far greater impact than I expected, which has helped raise my rating. Although it doesn’t reach the brilliance of The Hunt, there’s no denying this is a wonderful movie that keeps getting better with each new viewing.

And yes, a whole star alone belongs to that whole scene of Mads bursting those moves. What a scene! What a life!

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