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Doctor Strange ★★★★


Mom: So Dormammu is Satan?

While many like me see Nolan as a great director, due to many of its inability on different aspects when it comes to its writing, more and more he has earned some big criticism with a few movie lovers. Despite that, and no matter how Marion Cotillard's Mal feels as a plot device rather than a fleshed out a character, there's no doubt Inception is a great spectacle, a technical marvel with a creative use of practical effects that still to this date wow us and--

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Mom (when Strange crashes down): He had it coming!

So Doctor Strange? When he was first introduced to audiences as a character on the MCU many compared him to Tony Stark in terms of his personality, but considering whenevr something bad happened to Stark my mom didn't feel anything, yet she was heavily hating on Strange's douchebag persona, it either speaks volume on how better Benedict is as an actor or how worse and much interesting is Strange's story arc. Whether be the case, there's no doubt taking all the derivative yet spectacular visual effects, there's something in the movie itself to love with its characters and in a way, its story.

Mom: Thats what happen when you enter into a hospital. You come in fine and then leave worse than how you came in

In terms of performances, everyone delivers, proving their talent while embracing the playful and silly nature of the MCU. It helps the jokes and Marvel-ism doesn't feel as forced as in previous installments. Mads, who rarely get a time to relax and just have a good time, gets the chance to do while still remaining to its deadpan nature. Again, Cumberbatch's work as Sherlock definitely served as a great testing ground for what was to come on this movie, chopping the cockyness with the charm for you to stick with til the change comes.

Mom: These films only that big in scope because its visual effects

All in all, while it may disappoint those eagerly seeking for some legit terror and horror imagery (fingers crossed, Raimi finds the way to fool Feige and bring some of the zanyness he only knows how to), there's still some trippy visuals that holds up 4 years later, a genuine very good story with a great story arc that keeps you asking for more.

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Doctor Strange

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