Dune ★★½

Written and directed by David Lynch.


Seriously, I don’t get how’s there people that watch this and say this has none of Lynch’s sensibilities when its clear in many of its oddity and weird decision that it does. Why does the lady in the beginning fades in back and forth? Cause its Lynch. Why does every bad performer increasingly hammy and offbeat and stiff performances mostly ends with a…… pause? Cause its Lynch. Why does the bad guy seems to attempt to beat the kid from Salem’s Lot and Pennywise on who can float the most? Cause its Lynch. Why does an already complicated plot feels much complicating and doesn’t make any real sense? Cause’ a brilliant individual thought “hey! Let’s get that weird bruh that takes these simple concepts and makes fascinating, yet overcomplicated stories out of them!”. But the much baffling thing about this movie was they choosing Toto to write the score for this movie, cause right after Queen in the 80s, no other band said Rock and Roll!!!! As the dudes from “Africa.” *sighs*

And yet, even with all those bad decisions and terrible things going against this movie, I just had a blast. There was a point during this film I legit thought about giving this movie a 5 stars. Maybe that’s just the movie and 2020 coming together to mess me up, or maybe I just love David boi more than what I thought. Or maybe the story and premise are strong enough that even when a studio and everyone involves seeks to destroy this and cut this into much smaller pieces than Jacoby Shaddix on Last Resort - its those exact reason that entertained me.

All in all, a terrible movie by all means, but one that if you are in for the sole madness and crapness, and you just let yourself drive by the ride, you might find something resembling “entertaining value.”

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