El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★★

I can tell you this much... it is better than the fly episode.

But seriously, this was a really good time though not the greatest. The first act drags a lot, which I understand its something proper from the show. But it would have been cool if we have pumped the ignition and kick off right away.

The whole first big flashback felt a bit too unecessary and I would say that's what made the film slow down at the beginning. Plus the whole meaning behind it could it have been done much better.

From the second to the third act is where everything gets much better as we fully focus on Jesse on his way to escape to freedom. All the performances were pretty great, especially by the now late Robert Forster. I laughed, it was engrossing and the whole final showdown was pretty entertaining.

The way the film was shot felt very cinematic, though not gonna lie, I wished we had more of the yellow, burned photography from the series. There's a little wink towards the end, which was very nice, especially that whole flashback sequence.

The direction by Vince was pretty good. For most of the time, it kept the essence from the series while still bringing some of its own.

So yeah, fans from the show should definitely give it a watch. It serves as a nice epilogue, even though it doesn't fully justify its own existence.

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