F9 ★★★★

Fuera de serie: The Speed Of The Absurd - The Fast and Furious Chronicles

It looks like we've finally reached the end of the road... so far.

If you've been following me up since day one, you've seen my rating and enjoyment on this franchise fluctuates quite a bit, and coming into this movie I wasn't sure what to expect. There were people who complained about the flashbacks, there were people who complained about the drama, and there were people complaining about how cartoonish the movie was. After seeing this, my first reaction was to rant those people to the ground. It was going to get dirty. But after eating dinner and dancing along to U2's "Ordinary Love" and "Real Slim Shady", I was able to chill out. =

However, as you can see from my rating and position on my ranking, I get to have a blast with this one, ironically enough, for everything that people complain about. The flashback dealing with racing didn't bother me and I even shed a few tears, plus I loved the meta and self-aware humor and situations the "family" was involved in.

This movie is not perfect in any way, and I have to admit that the whole thing with them surviving everything is pretty absurd. Despite being glad I guessed how Han survived, I am still a bit unsure of how exactly he did so. Speaking of confusion, please tell me I am not the only one who thinks Lucas Black here looked a lot like Paul Walker - what was that all about? Regardless, it was great to see them back in the most unexpected way.

In terms of characters, the original cast as always was fun to watch. Dom is often criticized for being overly serious and displaying his dramatic abilities, but I kinda liked that, in fact, I am one of the very few people who have seen his Legal Drama from back when he was using his real name and really like it. In addition to his acting skill, John Cena pulled off the action really well as well. I loved how Gibson was in full comic relief mode. It was great to see Natalie being actually used and able to show her comic chops after serving as a romantic interest in the previous entry. In his role as the villain, Danish Billy Magnussen understood the movie he was in and sold that shlocky, over the top 90s fun.

All in all, this is the wildest and most bombastic entry yet in the franchise, which literally takes everything to a whole new level. Although it is bound to keep dividing people, if you stop picturing the series as it was and look at how it has evolved, you will be delighted.

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