Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo ★★★★½


A timeless classic for a reason.

It's been decades since I've seen this film, a film I remember seeing countless times on television and renting from the video store. I can't say the same for its disappointing sequel.
As has become very common with these great animated films, the gags and side characters tend to steal all of the attention. Whether it's the karate crab, Bruce, Crush, or Nemo's friends in the fish tank, the entire cast of characters, from the most minor to the most prominent, gets to bring something valuable to the story or is just a part of one of the many great fun visual gag. The main characters have their moments as well, whether it's the neurotic Merlin, brilliantly voiced by Albert Brooks, or Dory, who, as we all know, works best in small doses, with the whole whale chat being one of the highlights. Again, perhaps because I grew up with it, but the Latin dub is superb, and having listened to the original, I believe the dubbed work make things like the joke land much better.

All in all, although the animation of the humans are a bit rough and there are a few very small pacing issues especially towards the beginning, this is still, decades later, such a wonderful and delightful film.


Finding Nemo
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