Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

Maybe this is a sympton I need to get myself a life or maybe its just a secondary effect of watching Enola Holmes, but you know what I realized? Frances Ha, if put together and silenting the H, would be "Francesa," which in Spanish it means "French Woman". But not only that, in spanish movie its in female, so when you say "This is a French Movie," the way you write its "Esta es una pelicula francesa." I found that fascinating as this movie heavily drinks from French cinema, especially the French New Wave... so is that a coincidence or I just found something remarkable?

But seriously, talking about a film that grows and grows in you as it progress. I can't say I hate mumblecore as I haven't been that heavily exposed to it to make a right judgement, but many of the hipster-ism and dialogue at first was kinda meh to me. Not gonna lie. But as the narrative progress and we get into this pseudo psychological journey into the mind of a) a closeted lesbian or b) a closeted bi and the movie deepened into the obsessive nature of this woman striving to make a living as her love life gets ruined by what, looking from our titular character's perspective, its more than a friendship either an unrequested love or a dangerous fixation.

Greta Gerwig is awesome on this movie. Playing the fun, playing the drama, running through the street for no apparent reason and falling with grace on the sideways. Her almost complex persona makes for an interesting character study. The rest of the cast surrounding her adds to her character and makes for a real fun time, each their respective quirk.

Technically speaking, again, the script is pretty good even at first it may not feel like it. The way everything is structured is really great. The callbacks and many odes to Truffaut especially, were very welcoming. And the cinematography is quite good.

All in all, though I can genuinely see maybe people not digging this as much as I did, if you buckle up and get into this journey you might be in for a good treat.

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