Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

B**h of a movie got me in tears by the end... and I am not a crying person. Just because of that alone I had to give it an extra half star...

Waititi's anti-hate satire is an absurd dark comedy that does a great job blending the absurdly real with the absurdly fake in almost equal measures. It also does, like the best of the fairy tales, keeps it real and touches on some grim subjects like the horror of death.

Performances are all around pretty brilliant. Davis and Mackenzie's relationship is the real anchor of this story, which beautifully unravels in a very quirky but wholesome way, one of the best friendships in cinema history between a Jew and a Nazi since The Boy With The Stripped Pajamas. Even Rebel Wilson poor attempt to raunchy physical humor that she has become for, it does works magic here. And Rockwell, again, does an awesome job playing this sorta prick... which makes me question why he always does a good job playing this role? Hmmmmm...

Taika's direction is somewhat unique. It has some of the elements found on your typical Wes Anderson, while keeping it somewhat grounded. There are some nice camera work that takes to a whole new direction from your typical comedy-drama.

The humor doesn't always work, and the film does take a while to grow on you. Plus Thomasin McKenzie's Elsa Korr first comes as a rude person (perhaps rightfully so?) and I didn't like her that much. But throughout her story arc, as Jojo grew as person, in some way so did she.

All in all, while everyone sings praises for Booksmart, and you are welcome to do so. I believe in terms of originality and quality, Jojo Rabbit its top on the echelon of comedies released this year,

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