Lamb ★★½

After the film's polarized reviews, I was anticipating disappointment, and that's exactly what I got. I hadn't sped up a film or series in nearly two years, but I needed to because its glacial pacing was killing me, I felt my spirit drifting away from my body, and I was dying of boredom. And, given that none other than Bela Tarr was one of the executive producers, his influence is unmistakable; yet, while the auteur's films tend to be very slow, at least there's something mundane happening on screen, this is a very long short film of about 40 minutes maximum stretched to about 100 minutes. There is no action. The very sluggish pacing serves no purpose. It's nonsense. It's artsy fartsy bs.

Having saying that, the performances are great for the film's intended purpose. Rapace nails the film's offbeat tone with a naturalness that makes everything else seem normal. It was because of her that I never noticed anything unusual about the lamb boy. The cinematography is also on another level; it is just magnificent, fantastic, engulfing you in the surroundings and making everything feel so vivid.

All in all, technically impressive but narratively weak; while there are many intriguing themes and a compelling metaphor about family, the pacing was a deal breaker for me.

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