Midsommar ★★★★½

I dunno... this film needed more bees imo.

But really, it was a great experience. Thanks to the whole internet for not actually ruining me the whole ending and also a big middle finger to my theater for being postponing the release for months now (and then they complain about piracy).

Starting off with photography, its really, really great. The play with the travellings, track shots and zooms gave it a really nice 70s horror vibe. This along with the minimalistic yet incredible production design and artwork gave the film a very unique touch. Wouldn't call it original, because they basically copy the traditions from the whole Midsommar festivities.

Speaking of copying, the script was really nice. It knew how to twist the whole festival traditions and cultures in a way we the outsiders might find it creepy. I love how it gives us a lots of fake red herrings that would find the way into the story later on but not in the way we actually we think. Though other times, Aster fails to build any sense of surprise and personally by the 10-15 mins I kinda knew way too much than what I should and unfortunately when it gets revealed, it felt less like a wow moment and more like a confirmation, as I knew already something was going on (HINT: Pelle). In this case, Hereditary did much of a better job building the dread and horror.

The acting was perhaps the most outstanding thing of the whole film. Nor Florence or everyone here hits the same highs and lows as Toni Collette and Alex Wolf, but everyone does a splendid job. Pugh does a fantastic job as this woman filled with guilt that gets worse as she gets captured on this nightmarish village with perhaps one of the worst boyfriends in cinema history. However, by the end, I don't really think he deserved what happened to him. Like he was a complete moron, but that was way too much. Maybe these feelings only shows Jack Reynor did a good job making me feel sympathy for him... or I'm just mad. All the other actors on the village also play out the weirdness to perfection, helping the setting the unsettling mood of the film. Just one thing... can we just stop saying X actor its the greatest part of the film when X actor barely shows up in the film at all?!

In the end, Ari Aster strikes again and hit it out of the field with mixed results. Like you have heard by now, this film is not for everyone. Either you are in or you are out. The pace can be a hell out of a pain for many. Personally, with all its flaws, I really adore it.

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