Saw II

Saw II ★★★

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So for years this was my favorite, mostly because of all the awesome traps that are still among the best in the franchise. As many have pointed out, with the way they wrote the script, they took the original concept and amplified the gore to the point that the movie began to become associated with torture porn. Definitely my favorite part of this movie is its soundtrack, you have Miss May I's "Forgive and Forget" (which introduced me to the band) and Mudvayne's "Forget to Remember," which I still listen at least twice a week. (Btw, what’s up with two songs in it with the word “Forget” in the title?)

You also get some better acting and a higher stakes story line with the cop, who is played by Donnie Wahlberg, and the whole thing with his character. Although Glover is a far better actor, I believe that the way Donnie's character was written all around allowed his character to be more awesome and allow him to do some great things. Though there were moments when he was so good, like when he told his son to piss off, that it made me not care as much for his quest to save his son, even if he felt some guilt. The way it was edited into the movie made Eric seem unredeemable, like it wasn't a one-time mistake but there's a chance he was abusive. However, I might be reading too much on it. The rest of the cast did a great job conveying fear and dread and suffering their characters were experiencing.

Sadly what did not appeal to me was the excessively flashy, fast-cut, 00s horror editing, which I have been consistently against and here seemed almost unbearable. My attention was drawn away from the movie by this.

All in all, with a killer soundtrack and amazing traps, while my rating may not reflect that, I think in many ways this is one of the best sequels out there, at least in the horror genre. It commits many of the same mistakes other sequels do in going big and loud, but instead of failing, it actually works to its advantage - at least in certain aspects.

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