Skyfall ★★★★½

Fuera de Serie: Bond, James Bond - The International Spy, The Icon & The Once Serial Women Beater

While watching this third installment in the Bond saga led by Daniel Craig, I noticed something and that is how in more ways than one, all the films starring the actor turn out to have probably some of the best cinematography in the entire franchise. Whether it's the naturalistic tone with some experimentation through black and white sequences, to the almost hyper-realistic, hectic style of Quantum, to the more elegant and stunning, which is not surprising with a master such as Roger Deakins as lensing the picture. A lot of the sequences in this movie have this classic era vibe with a modern twist. At the same time Deakins is not afraid to use wide shots not only in an aesthetic way, but in more than one occasion it helps to give the film a certain neo-noir feel and reveal more about our characters' psychology. Also very much captured in the Oscar winning song (the first from the franchise, if I'm not mistaken) by Adele.

Moreover, the film is notable for the changes it makes and the things it dares to do. Naomi Harris and the film manages to bring this almost useless character to a new level of importance through her performance, transforming Moneypenny from the shrill secretary who existed only to flirt with Bond to the more feminist version and now a woman of action. At the same time I really liked how in large part we see Judi Dench finally taking some of the spotlight as we see her "M", who has always been known for being a woman with few scruples, as these cold decisions have ended up creating a monster that now wants to destroy her. Like Moneypenny, the role of "M" becomes more relevant and things that were hinted at in the previous installments finally end up materializing in the form of what is probably one of the best antagonists of the saga, Raoul Silva, who is masterfully played by Javier Bardem in a way that is equally threatening but with a strange charm with motives that put him above your run-of-the-mill antagonists of the franchise. In a way he's less of a villain and just like a form of living and walkingkarma. Additionally, I liked how by the second half of the movie, the film decided to bring back some of that jokey humor that has always characterized the franchise.

All in all, featuring wonderful camera work, excellent performances and an interesting story, even though I prefer "Casino Royale" a little bit over this one, it remains among the best in the series.

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