Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★


Mom (in reference to RDJ during the In Memorian opening): So did he died for real?

And so we have come to the end of the beginning of this saga that started almost 6 months ago. Thanks everyone for all the comments, all the likes and hope you've enjoyed my dear mother commentaries - at least some of those that makes the cut. Hopefully Letterboxd will have WandaVision in here, so we might return on January from the hiatus.

Til then, this was a movie that I've to slightly love upon my second rewatch. Differently to Homecoming, the humor works better and while I appreciate the former to try to attempt a John Hughes and 80s teen coms, it was such that it almost felt like a copycat rather than a riff. Here, however, the film feels very of its own. And of course, having such a character like Mysterio allows for some of the greatest aspects of the movie and those are the visuals towards the last act that easily rival those in Doctor Strange. They are trippy and as an audience member you are left as confused and in the dark as Peter.

Mom (in reference to the Spaceship towards the fiinal act): That spaceship always lands like a bike

Tom Holland once again does a great job playing The Friendly Neighbour and I loved how they took the pressure placed on him in real life with fans claiming he was gonna be the next Iron Man and translate it that into this film wonderfully, which also adds one of the most meta moments in any Spider-Man movie so far. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking of Jamie Foxx in Amazing and Jake as Mysterio and how he nailed the whole aspect of this pathetic man (granted Beck is much cooler) to perfection, he's easily one the top 5 villains in any Marvel movie so far, probably around 4th place below Thanos, Loki and Kil.

All in all, while in many ways feels like an unecessary epilogue to the big finale that was Endgame, it still a fun watch.

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