The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★

Another of those movies I’ve heard only thanks to Letterboxd and in the case of this one everyone was heavily thrashing this to the ground so hard I simply couldn’t help and look for this one eventually, expecting to see an abomination and what I got instead was a run of the mill supernatural thriller with a few throwbacks to classics such as Bye Bye Man and Slender Man, both in its core themes of a creepypasta haunting small town to lame devices to evoke this creature with stupid kids evoking this evil creature because they are stupid kids.

I was genuinely surprised with the cinematography and camera work, like, they were not like top notch or inventive as Vast of Night, but you can see the director was trying to do something rather than just point the camera. I watched this with Spanish dubs, so as far as I know the dialogue delivery and performances were serviceable. And this being R rated, we get to actually see some blood which was nice.

Unfortunately the final twist towards the end its simply idiotic. I can see people just calling it quits and leaving the room in anger, cursing everything they care or they hate in life. I would have fully removed this and even leaving it in a cliffhanger would have been better.

All in all, if you are fan of lowkey not so good Supernatural direct episodes or related shows, I guess you can watch this and find certain form of enjoyment. Otherwise move on with your life.

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