The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★

Soooooooooooooooo... did they die in the end?

Sean Baker's follow up to his inventive Tangerine, its a great dark tale of sort about childhood, poverty and life as a whole.

Prince and Bria Vinaite are fantastic as this mom and daughter duo trying to survive on the beautiful state of Florida. There's a nice contrast between this low middle class, cheap hotel and the grandiose and big stores and few hints to Disney World. Baker does a great job showcasing the social irony that many people have to live in that side of Orlando.

Willem Dafoe is also really great as the admin from this hotel. His constant back and forth between Halley and himself and whether she would get kicked off or not helps bringing a nice sense of tension and thrills to an otherwise sweet dramedy. This is a really nice script.

The camera work by Sean is also really great, it helps you getting inside the psych of these characters. There are some nice shots where it seems like they are somehow breaking the fourth wall. The photography is really great as well, the whole rainbow scene that shows up, the way it was framed and all it was pretty neat.

In the end, this is a greatly shot story that takes its time to kick off but once its done, it would have you engrossed on your seat.

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