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This review may contain spoilers.

For everyone wondering... what Winslow watched in the lighthouse was a 60s underground experimental film. Yes, you end up the same way.

But in all seriousness, this film was a beautiful meltdown. Insane ensues right off the get-go and things get worse throughout its runtime. While The Witch was a very subdue, quiet horror film - Eggers goes on the total opposite here. I'm talking greek myth, System of a Down and more farts than a Farrelly Brothers' movie.

Robert and Willem's powerhouse performances are the among the standouts of the film. They embrace the slow detour into madness, both physically and vocally. Actually, most of the horror comes out of their performance.

Jarin Blaschke's 1.19:1, Black and White 35mm cinematography is probably on the top 3 of the year (if not the whole decade). The play with the lighting and framing is just awe inspiring and breathtaking. It takes of the cue of a Sven Nykvist, and adds up some twisted horror, nightmare inducing imagery. In a least cruel world, he should win the Oscar for Best Cinematography.

The sound mixing and score marries perfectly with the photography and performance to build upon the intrigue and madness that unleash. The sound of the lighthouse serving as the contast soundtrack capable of driving audiences not alone.

As a whole, Robert Eggers shows why he's one of the few visionary auteurs of cinema that are here to stay, bringing some of the most craziest and awesome films that will find their place on movie history among the patheon of cinema.

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