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This review may contain spoilers.

If you imagine the soldiers failing to kill every monster and Thomas Jane being murdered, then it's not such a depressing ending. Hey! A man can dream.

Having seen this on TV several times and falling asleep every time, I finally got to watch one of Stephen King's most underrated book adaptations and Frank Darabont's films. For so long, I heard so many people calling this a bad movie, and I sincerely don't understand why. From beginning to end, this film nails it as a mostly one-setting horror film that examines human emotional instability and how just a little can turn humans into the most monstrous and horrifying beings on the planet. It is not always impressive, but the way the CGI is implemented on the film is, for the most part, very effective.

Marcia Gray played the religious zealot whose belief she herself is unknown, and she nailed this to perfection, as everyone (I would dare say even those who might be similar to her in real life who watched this movie) hated her to pieces. Speaking of evil people, it was so strange yet so refreshing to see Toby Jones play a good character. Thespian or not, Thomas Jane did an excellent job especially at the end, and skipping "The Punisher" sequel for this was a smart choice (I remember him bragging about it on the SCREAM Awards).

All in all, an underappreciated film that has finally received its due. Instead of being a jump scare movie, it is a psychological horror film whose terror is expressed through its dread.

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