The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★

So as y'all may know, I am not really into this silent films, but this one got me totally hooked up from beginning to end.

The story plays with some of the basic concepts of classic literature such as "A Christmas Carol," the story of a man who has been a douche all his life and when death comes to take him and turn him into the titular "The Phantom Carriage" (which happens when the last selfish or plain down awful man dies on New Year's Eve), our man David tries to make a deal with this ghoul so he can come back to his wife after he was a complete asshole, mostly due to his alcoholism.

The performances are really good, all things considered. The use of certain narrative techniques like flashbacks and non-linear storytelling, gave the film a very dynamic touch that made it much interesting. The script was probably the best of it all, though it might look a bit derivative, it was a very great morale story about loss and redemption, with its final shot almost got me into tears. Last but not least, the score was just perfection. It was a nice blend of doom metal and progressive rock that gave the whole feature a very eerie vibe.

All in all, a surprisingly great psychological drama that toys very well with other genres. Perhaps one of the most underrated and best examples of horror in the early days.

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