Thor ★★★½


So let's recap. Three out of the two (2) movies my mom have loved and stay fully awake have featured rather tall, muscular, blonde man... I am starting to notice a pattern in here or is that just an odd?

Mom (A Christian): So what, this is like their version of God?

Besides Iron Man and Avengers, the first phase has been known for a weak one. Or at least that's what I thought. The truth is as many have stated out, the first outing for the "god of Thunder" is a great family story with a really good Shakespearean thrown in the mix that comes together to create a flawed yet fun movie.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor still hasn't found his great comedic chops that turned him into one of the most recent beloved characters of the MCU. Thats not to say you can't see none of those traces in here, because truth is Hemsworth has some very funny lines and to be honest he's not as serious as I remember him at this point. And of course, Hiddlestone as Loki is simply perfect casting, though there's yet a movie to go for him to become the ULTIMATE antagonist of the MCU. Also TOTALLY forgot Hawkeye was in here!

Mom (as the giant robots start blasting the town up): I don't get it. Why no one throw them some water at them?

The film is filled with so many great ideas, which sadly great actor and (arguably) good director Kenneth Branagh has a problem improving on an often lackluster and uneven script by the late Don Payne along with Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz. There are really good ideas and concepts that unfortunately never fully gets fleshed out by the screenwriters or the director.

All in all, while it misses any real strong direction, thanks to some charming and likeable characters and some legit moments of fun, this is a surprising good entry into the early stage of the MCU.

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