Titane ★★★★★

Honestly don’t know how to rate this. I mean, I think it’s good? It might even be great? I don’t know! I’m such a big fan of Raw it almost feels like betrayal to love this too? I went in nearly completely blind. Ever since I learned Julia Ducournau was working on another film, I avoided learning anything about it. I never even so much as read a plot summary, let alone watch a trailer, so all my expectations were based on Raw, which I rewatched a couple of days ago. You can tell it’s the same director, but it’s so different from Raw, yet somehow similar in themes of family. Even with no expectations it was far more different than I had imagined. More humor than I was expecting, for one thing, and not as physically violent, for another. I can’t wrap my brain around it. There were about 10 people in the theatre with me, and two of them walked out about 20 minutes in. Wish I hadn’t seen it alone so I could talk out my feelings about it with someone, but Ducournau is a hard filmmaker to introduce the uninitiated to. But I’m definitely cursing the fact that I live in such a conservative community that I had to drive 30 minutes to catch the last showing of it’s theatrical run here, which was only a week long, and won’t be able to rewatch it until it comes out on VOD. Sorry for the rambling thoughts. As I inevitably think about it over the next few days I may come back and update with more thoughts, but that might not happen until a rewatch…

I've had a few days to think about and do some research on the film and I've come to the conclusion that it is great. I still desperately want to rewatch it to confirm my rating, but it's a masterpiece. It might be the film of the year for me, though there is one other film I haven't seen that I suspect might be my true film of the year. There are many thoughts swirling in my head about the film and it's meaning, but I'm sure there are countless think pieces about the film (though curiously I haven't found any that mention how I interpreted the film). I may write something about it at some point, but that definitely won't happen until a rewatch.

In conclusion, I believe in Julia Ducournau supremacy.


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