The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal ★★★★

At first I had a hard time VIBING with this film. The jumping from location to location and changing characters without really learning too much about anyone in a meaningful way was a little frustrating. But when the chessboard is finally set up for us, the viewers, the film takes off in strides.

I think the film asks hard questions. Questions about morality, the hardships we face in life, and the main question:

Why is God silent even while we suffer and need him so much?

It is interesting that of the two characters who are trained to respond to evil and danger, it is not the Paladin Knight that is the one to dispatch justice. In fact he almost never encounters these issues himself. It is instead the squire who doles out justice and punishment on the wicked. The only time we see our knight do anything, it is to spare the dying, and to distract death from a young couple and their baby.

The Seventh Seal is a worthwhile, and a good pick for those that enjoy theology.