The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

Meet the funniest film yet to deliver a punchline in 2016, and also one of the very best overall. This is a surprisingly well directed, well written and well acted detective flick. How about best soundtrack of the year?! Nice job all round fellas! 

"Marriage is buying a house for someone you hate". That's the tone set early as the often depressing things get spun into the lighthearted. Nothing is taken too seriously despite the circumstances these guys face around every corner. It's all about riding that delicate balance. 

From Tim Allen's name on the comedic coming attractions and Jaws 2 billboards to the cars and clothing, Shane Black has created a hilarious and authentic 70's mystery. The dry humor is relentless, for 2 hours we get steady laughs as well as pitch perfect physical dynamics. Plus, Crowe and Gosling are gold! Who would have thought to pair these two together in such a buddy-action flick? It's 48 Hours meets LA Confidential with Black gift-wrapping his blend of 70's absurdity "and stuff".

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