Dunkirk ★★★★½

Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan's newest film showcasing the evacuation of Dunkirk during WWII. Every aspect of this film is Nolan perfection. This is a suspense film, not a straight up war film so don't go in expecting Saving Private Ryan. And you never really learn a lot about the characters, which is fine considering the film is about the situation, not the characters. And considering everyone is trying to survive, no one is going to drop there life story in the midst of a live or die situation. 

Nolan also decides to tell this story in 3 different point of views. Like Memento, the story is shown from the past, present and future. You can piece together events and what's happening at Dunkirk by paying attention to certain details. The visuals are simply amazing, some of the best Nolan has ever done (with almost 80% of the shots being real!). All the performances are good (yes even Harry Styles for those wondering). Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy giving the best performances of the film. 

When it comes to the action, it's unrelentless and intense. And you actually never see the majority of the Germans or incoming threats. You are in the same seat as the characters when it comes to the tension of what's happening. 

This film deserves to be seen in theaters, especially IMAX. I was able to see it in 70mm and if you can do so too, do it! Dunkirk could also be portrayed as a silent film if it wanted to, with how little dialogue there is. Most of the actions and decisions characters are visually told and shown to you. With recent war films having an over emphasis on a bombastic soundtrack and heroic moments, Dunkirk is the exact opposite. Having a huge dose of realism that films today just don't have. 

The only negative I have is towards the middle, there was a scene that seemed like there were many jump cuts within the same scene, and that the fact the film was only one hour and thirty minutes.

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