Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

Solo: A Star Wars Story. Directed by Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Cinderella Man, The DaVinci Code, How The Grinch Stole Christmas). The origin story of space cowboy Han Solo, and how he became the smuggler as we knew him in A New Hope. Solo adds more to the mythos of the Star Wars world, giving interesting insight to aspects of certain events surrounding Han. 

Unfortunately, mythos and world insight doesn’t help a bland script, terrible lighting, and a cliched story (for the most part). 

For 2/3s of the movie, it seems like they forgot their lighting kits behind and almost shot in darkness. Coming from cinematographer Bradford Young (Arrival, Selma), it blows my mind that there seems like there were only 3 colors throughout this movie. 

The dialogue is so uninspired. There’s one point when a character’s backstory is told from some random character, at a time where that information isn’t needed. A lot of the dialogue either conducts an ode to a line or action from the original trilogy or gives plot expository in the lowest form. 

The story (till the last act) is so predictable. There were also some weird tone shifts. Sometimes, within a minute of time, it can go from a giant action scene, to a personal character moment, to immediately being followed up with a scene of planning of what they are going to do next without any breathing room for each peticular scene. 

But once it hits the 3rd Act, I was really enjoying Solo. There are a few twists and turns I didn’t see coming. And of course there are loads of easter eggs for every Star Wars to glee over and including a certain cameo that will for sure have some people excited while leaving others confused. 

My favorite aspect of the movie is actually Alden Ehrenreich as Han. I also liked Donald Glover as Lando. The action/setpieces are mostly well constructed. Some of the musical scores like the Enfys Nest theme was really original and sounded unique. There are sprinkles of other famous Star Wars music numbers blended into the music of Solo, and it mixes well. 

Overall Solo: A Star Wars Story is a movie that even with all its short comings, its a fine addition to the Star Wars filmography.

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