After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½


"I'll probably get blamed for that."

Tropic of Cancer. She likes the book. They have a chat. Odd waiter. Plaster of Paris bagel and cream cheese paperweight. Sure, why not buy some? He calls this girl he met earlier. He goes in a cab. Goddamn it, that $20 flew out of the window. He had that cash, but it flew out of the goddamn window. He knows some moves for a massage. They put me in the burn center. She gets back from the all night drugstore. Huh, an ointment for burns. Eh, he can't get on with this girl. Time to go home.


Scorsese directs this surreal journey into the night of random encounters, and just by luck, an ordinary word processor Paul Hackett is frequently caught in hysterical circumstances as he attempts to go home. He just wants to go home. It's a minor Scorsese in every way, yet I can't help but think this is one I will come back to often. It's a quick watch, but every minute of it really stands out. It's very involving, often puzzling, and most importantly, a great time.

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