Parasite ★★★★★


"They are nice because they are rich."

Here we are, in a world where Parasite found its way through various award shows only for it to notch 4 Oscars to wrap it all up. We often like to disregard the Oscars as unimportant as long as we hold the films that mean something to us in high regard, Oscars or none. But it's indisputable that the Oscars are actually pretty damn important, especially for an industry that's often seen as self-serving by the Oscars' track record. It's pretty easy for me to name numerous films in which has zero Oscar nods, yet I hold them in higher regard than the Oscar winners. But we now live in a world where Parasite has seemingly united all of film fandom for Bong Joon-ho was able to turn up a masterpiece that can be pretty difficult to accurately pin down. Yet that's exactly what makes this film magical in every sense of the word, offering us a different perspective with familiar ideas that reach a lot of us, and of course, it does help that it's pretty damn entertaining.

I really couldn't emphasize how important it was for Bong Joon-ho to get his 4 Oscars in a single night. Whether or not the past Oscar winners deserved it, they often pick up good projects along the way due to the Oscars being added to their respective resumés. I have no doubt that Bong Joon-ho is stirring up something for us, and he may have played a large part in diverting the audiences to South Korea cinema in which I feel has been overlooked since then. I'm no expert on South Korea cinema, but the films I've seen change gears like it's nothing yet it all works out for the most part, most evident in Bong Joon-ho's films. South Korea cinema isn't just an another industry, but it's an another perspective in what kind of stories can be told and in different manners in which they can be told. Parasite is one big melting pot of genres, yet it all miraculously works out in the end. It doesn't let you go. It leaves you thinking in the end yet it's satisfying all the same. How else could you have wrapped up the past decade that has been defined by income inequality, and the lengths the respective socioeconomic classes will go at one another? The Academy recognized this? I don't know what else to say but wow. We may not like the Academy for their often safe choices, but they listened to what Parasite had to say, and so did we. This isn't just historic. It's precedent-setting, and we all should strive for more possibilities in cinema not just in America, but worldwide.

Nothing but respect for the best Best Picture winner in many years.

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