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This review may contain spoilers.

Bong Joon-ho showing the blueprint for the rest of you bums. I'm looking at you, Hollywood bums. This is how you make something that is accessible and entertaining to anyone, without losing any of its bite. Entertaining you, while shining light on problems in our society, without coming off preachy.

The films starts out really strong, and due to the masterful pacing it manages to maintain its momentum thoughout much of its runtime, while steadily amping up the tension. Except for the last 20 minutes, which on this first watch kinda lost me. Felt like he was trying too hard to wrap it up neatly. It was still well written, but I never really like these narrating endings. It brings too much attention to itself.

With this and Burning, Korean cinema threw a one-two punch that we all need.

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