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  • The Doors

    The Doors


    If y’all didn’t know yet, I love The Doors and every single song they have made. It’s classic, American rock and some of the best music ever made imo. If y’all ever need a playlist for them during this down time I got one fyi.

    Talking about the movie itself though, it’s kinda eh. The movie should be titled Jim Morrison I guess or something along those lines. It’s not The Doors - it’s not Ray Manzarek or Robbie Krieger…

  • Snatch



    That ending doe

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  • BIONICLE: Mask of Light

    BIONICLE: Mask of Light


    It’s no coincidence that this film is directed by a man named Shakespeare.

  • Midsommar



    Now, to get one thing straight, I have never and proabably will never be a fan of horror movies, and for all of the right reasons. Those being the one horror movies are intended to do - to get scared. To be fair, this film isn’t that scary, although the fact that I watched it in rural Sweden didn’t help. The actual movie is fantastic, and this is arguably the best horror movie I have seen out of the approximate 3 I have actually seen.