Makala ★★★½


Kabwita has 15 bags of charcoal precariously strapped to his bicycle.

He must travel 50 km to the city to sell his charcoal at the market.

While taking a rest by the side of the road, a truck barrels through and knocks his bike over. Kabwita gets it back on his wheels with the help of three samaritans, but two of his bags of charcoal split open and spill on the road.

Next, Kabwita is shaken down by some highwaymen. To secure safe passage, Kabwita must pay the extortionist 3500 francs. Kabwita pleads for mercy, as he only has 2000 francs. But his pleas fall on deaf ears, and he instead sacrifices two bags of charcoal.

On the road, Kabwita is passed by several other charcoal vendors walking their bikes along the road to town. With each vendor who arrives in town sooner, Kabwita's charcoal supply loses value.

Kabwita finally makes it to town, but it is late afternoon. He asks 3500 francs per bag for his charcoal. But the buyers have already gotten the best deals, and are only willing to pay 2000 francs per bag.

Having sold only three bags, Kabwita unloads his remaining charcoal on a wholesaler, who pays 1500 francs per bag. This eliminates Kabwita's profit margin.

Before returning to town, Kabwita stops at a tent revival and prays to Jesus, to help him provide for his family.

Factoring the round trip to and from the city, how many bags of charcoal has Kabwita sacrificed to an unforgiving world?