In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

So today, I was going through some old Oscar Best Pictures related videos and happened to watch an interview with Barry Jenkins citing Wong Kar-wai's influence on him in helming Moonlight. While he was talking about WKW Films, there is one visual from 'In the Mood for Love' which immediately had me like WOW and to my utter surprise, I found out that it is ranked second on "BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century" and what followed then was probably one of the finest Cinematic experiences I could've ever asked for!

What started as a 98-minute film turned out to be nearly 2 hours for me because I don't remember when was the last time I paused at many scenes just to comprehend their surroundings and there's no exaggeration in saying that 'In the Mood for Love' features around 20+ such scenes where you wish to stop for a moment to relish the beauty of frames within frames and the usage of colours (especially primary), light in setting up the tone 'n' mood. Hats off to the DoP duo and if I had to single out one sequence from their fab visual poetry in motion, it would be the 'CORRIDOR GLANCE' which itself is a testimony to the fact that 'In the Mood for Love' is one of the most beautiful films ever shot!

All it takes is just one perfect film to cement a Director's place as Auteur in my mind and glad that the very first WKW Film I watched was indeed one such perfect film for me to know why WKW brand of Filmmaking is held in high regard!

Couldn't take my eyes off Tony Leung's eyes as his captivating eyes easily deserve a couple of Acting awards for all those eloquent longing glances and it's a happy coincidence that I got to watch this film on his birthday! The same applies to Maggie Cheung and the word Gorgeous is an understatement to describe Mrs Chan who swept me off my feet, with half of the credits to her Costume Designer.

Caution: Watch it on your own risk as this bittersweet Film's aftertaste is so long that you won't be able to come out of it for hours, days or "PERHAPS, PERHAPS, PERHAPS" forever...

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