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MSP Film Society is Minnesota’s foremost film exhibition organization, presenting powerful cinema since 1962. Home of the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF).

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Hayao Miyazaki - Forces of Nature

Hayao Miyazaki - Forces of Nature invites you to celebrate the wonder of five Miyazaki masterpieces November 24 through December 4 at The Main Cinema in advance of his new film The Boy and the Heron, opening December 7. Become immersed in these stories of nature, resilience, and new worlds before you see the latest hand-drawn, original story written and directed by the Academy Award®-winning director himself.

David Lynch: Behind the Curtain

David Lynch: Behind the Curtain invites you to revisit three Lynch classics (Wild at Heart | Mulholland Dr. | Blue Velvet) in celebration of Lynch/Oz, a new documentary that inspires a fresh appreciation for Lynch’s body of work by exploring how it intersects and communicates with The Wizard of Oz, his greatest influence.

MSPIFF42 Award Winners Announced

The Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival celebrates an exciting array of new film every year. Along with several highly competitive juried competitions, we are also pleased to present the audience choice awards: the fiction feature, documentary feature, and short films that were ranked highest by festival audiences.

MSPIFF42 Programmers Picks

All of the programmers of the Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival bring a personal eye to the curation of the fest. We asked our programmers for 5 picks playing in MSPIFF42 to highlight some of these can't-miss films and to spotlight their own unique tastes.

The Great Northern Brings Action and Reflection

The Great Northern celebrates our cold, creative winters through ten days of diverse programming that invigorate mind and body. In an era of changing climate that threatens our signature season, we seek to create community, inspire action, and share the resilient spirit of the North with the world.

Predator: A Memoir, a Movie, an Obsession

In his first memoir, Ander Monson guides readers through a scene-by-scene exploration of the 1987 film Predator, which he has watched 146 times. Some fighters might not have time to bleed, but Monson has the patience to consider their adventure, one frame at a time. He turns his obsession into a lens through which he poignantly examines his own life, formed by mainstream, White, male American culture.

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Come see Emma Seligman's BOTTOMS at The Main Cinema, advanced screenings Thursday August 31st, opening fully on Friday September 1st!
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Opening at The Main Cinema 7/21

Opening at The Main Cinema 7/21 💖 Tag us in a photo at The Main for a chance to win a Barbie poster!

Opens at The Main Cinema June 2nd

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All at once very subtle and poetic and brutally honest. An aching family drama that examines identity — not just gender and sexuality but more generally a sense of self and a sense of one’s place in the world — and how the destructive and oppressive societal and gender norms can be to us.

The performances at the center are wonderful, and the cinematography is so precise and patient and beautiful.




Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival #1

What an aching and tender film. We so rarely get what we want, but it is often because we can't manage to ask for it in the first place. Everyone was crushed by the weight of expectations and the pain of not feeling seen. It was beautifully filmed and there was a conversation being had with light and shadow that I will definitely pay closer attention to next time. 

A great start to MSPIFF 42!

Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival #3 

I'm not sure I'm totally on board with the last act of the movie, but I'm not mad at it. All three of the main boys had well written and believable arcs to play. And all three had great screen presence. The film captured volatility of adolescent friendships really well. I was invested in all of them from the start. An act of kindness goes a long way (as does a little peer…




When we resist being politicized by desperately holding onto our ignorance, it’s because we secretly know the weight of the anger and pain threatening to collapse upon us if we even take a peek, and we’d rather do anything in our power to simply not look up in an attempt to pretend it’s not there.

It’s either the proximity of a tragedy or the sheer weight of a tragedy which breaks the camels back and unleashes the flood, to mix…