After Hours

After Hours ★★★★★

Oh my fucking god.

This movie is so goddamn outrageously hilariously radical. Perfect.

Like a true nightmare. You can never trust anyone, you never know anyone's motives, everyone wants/needs something from you, sometimes you're running from something, sometimes you're trapped, you're never safe, the scenery keeps changing on you, no one will listen to you and you just want to rest for chrissakes.

It's so brilliantly executed that you A. Can't pull yourself away even to get popcorn and B. will literally stand up and clap at the insanely, ingeniously gloriously delivered ending.

Jesus, Scorsese, you're goddamn impressive (as if I could be anymore impressed by you. I think this one just seems so unlike you).

Best line (although there's scores(se) of them ha ha) - "I'll probably get blamed for that"

Fucking movie making at its best.