When Black Birds Fly

When Black Birds Fly ★★★★★

uh, wow! i wasn't expecting to be so totally captivated by this but this is really phenomenal. it's totally overwhelming, the entire experience is like brickwalling your senses. the texture is really out of control.

the religious themes are all very easy or whatever you wanna say but i found that mostly to be a vehicle for smaller meditations and ideas. some amazing set pieces and incredible sound - even with its mangled, overdriven, crispy voice limiting. i think what really caught me off guard was the pacing - which is remarkably tight - and its sense of humour, sass, and comedic timing. in its densest moments it feels like it's inviting the viewer to play and engage, not just be repulsed. it definitely puts on a straight face when necessary, which was also a surprise.

wow! such an improvement, i shouldn't have let Jimmy's earlier work put me off. will be watching the rest of his work and even if i end up hating it i'm sure i'll get something out of it.

really just super cool. damn.