• When Black Birds Fly

    When Black Birds Fly


    uh, wow! i wasn't expecting to be so totally captivated by this but this is really phenomenal. it's totally overwhelming, the entire experience is like brickwalling your senses. the texture is really out of control.

    the religious themes are all very easy or whatever you wanna say but i found that mostly to be a vehicle for smaller meditations and ideas. some amazing set pieces and incredible sound - even with its mangled, overdriven, crispy voice limiting. i think what…

  • We Are the Strange

    We Are the Strange

    this floored me when it released. it's aged pretty humorously, but one thing remains true: this is a towering monument of solo filmmaking and the act of embracing your shortcomings and fashioning them into a style with strong sensory vocabulary.

  • Head with Hammer