Lightyear ★★★½

So it's just a bit of a letdown but this sort of interstellar for kids is definitely entertaining, funny at times, and sweet. Nothing terribly wrong here at all. The voice actors were great including Chris Evans. I guess my biggest gripe is how zurg was handled and how the movie in a sense ended where it should have began. Ideally a space exploration and adventure is more what I would have been looking for and despite zurg in this being a bit clever it contradicts everything about zurg up until this point. Zurg is the threat to the galactic alliance and the adventure to stop him could have been grander. This being "the movie Andy watched" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. To put this twist on everything I don't feel was necessary. All that being said fans of Toy Story and the Buzz character have plenty of moments to be happy about and other than that I feel it's true to the Buzz character.

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