Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

You can't trick me anymore.

God, just how badass Peter looks delivering that line! Gets me every time.

I really can't understand the hate Spider-Man: Far from Home gets. To me it is, just like I said about the first one, a fun and lighthearted adventure that gets more and more rewatchable over time. The action gets a whole lot better, the cast remains charming, and Tom Holland is even more comfortable in the role this time around, having many moments to shine, like the final battle and that sequence with Happy on the plane. Also, how cute is he with Zendaya?? I mean, maybe I'm just a bitch for Zendaya but I do think she's very good playing this new version of MJ and has great chemistry with Tom. Jon Watts' way of keeping everything light and unpretentious while still having a bigger scaled blockbuster truly amazes me, and the humor, despite not being as good as in Homecoming, still works a lot to me and made me and my brothers have a very nice time.

Mysterio is also something that I really like in this film. Jake Gyllenhaal is all in for the role and I love it, and the way they build up his turning moment, even with it being expected by anyone who knows something about Spider-Man, is something that always makes me jump from my seat. We all know he's a bad guy, yet the revealing scene is great, and then there's the illusion scene with Peter, which is honestly one of the coolest moments in any Spidey movie. Oh, and Giacchino's score for Mysterio, and how it gets villainous later on? Amazing work as always. Also, the solution they have to make Beck's illusions believable, using projection tech rather than actual magic tricks or something, works really well too. Yeah, I know, it's Stark tech. Again. But does it really matter that much? I mean, it's the MCU we're talking about, it makes complete sense. And the way Tony's death resonates through the story and how it affects Peter is really emotional, to be honest. If the people that say "Iron Man Jr." shit actually tried to accept it and enjoy the ride, they wouldn't be bitching about it. Lol sorry, I had to say it.

If anything, I'll say that bus sequence with the drone is terrible and I always want to skip it immediately. And maybe, just maybe, the movie taking itself a bit more seriously in some certain moments would be welcome too? I'm not sure though, because like I said: I love how lighthearted it is. So anyways, great movie, always enjoy watching it.

I like how I said in my Spider-Man (2002) review, as I started this rewatch saga, that I'm "pure emotion" talking about that film, and I couldn't be too critical about it. Well, turns out that's kinda how I ended up writing about all of these movies. Spider-Man is, like I mentioned before too, probably my favorite character in any piece of storytelling ever, and I carry with deep love in my heart all three live action versions. Needless to say, I am beyond excited to watch No Way Home this Wednesday and experience a big culmination of the three universes, but also a closing (for now) chapter on MCU Peter's story that hopefully honors what we've seen in these past two films. Oh, and by the way, I know I'm concluding this as an end to my rewatches, but that's only because this is the last live action one, and it finishes up everything "needed" to No Way Home. But, there's this non live action Spidey adventure missing on the counting, and of course I wouldn't leave it out. Can't wait to rewatch that masterpiece tomorrow, it's been a while. But it'll be like a bonus round, so, as of now, that's it! This was really fun!

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