Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith ★★★★

"We're not gonna worry about anything right now, alright? This is a happy moment. The happiest moment of my life."

And to paraphrase Anakin again: THIS is when the fun begins. After two overall disappointing and even boring movies, if you're watching chronologically, Revenge of the Sith is where Star Wars gets actually good. With the difficult task of direct all characters and plotlines to a transition from the prequels to the original trilogy, the film may stumble with pacing and how suddenly everything seems to happen, but succeeds in telling an emotional, action packed, surprisingly charming adventure that sends the story to a conclusion/set-up.

Once again, Ewan McGregor proves himself as the best thing in this trilogy, and leaves me eager for his return this friday. Obi-Wan's relationship with Anakin, who is now played by a much more mature and confident Hayden Christensen, gets even more beautiful and fun to watch, just so it can later collapse into one of the most emotional and memorable duels of the saga. Skywalker's inner conflict, and how it's resonated by the hypocrisy and extremism present in the Jedi way, while also manipuled by a menacing Palpatine, leads to an impactful origin to the most iconic villain of all time.

The prequel trilogy ends in a much higher note than anyone would probably expect, given the first two entries' poor reception at the time and how they're now mostly remembered because of nostalgia, and hardly because of the few qualities they show. It is with Revenge of the Sith that George Lucas, at his last work as a film director, not only improves his skills as a filmmaker with more inventive techniques, both visually and narratively, but also gets to the hearts of Star Wars fans with an emotive, bittersweet closure to the story he so passionately wanted to tell.

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