Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ★½

The time has finally come. Star Wars is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, and after years of stalling, I'm going into the animated corner of the galaxy far, far away. And it all starts with a movie that precedes the animated show with the same title - The Clone Wars.

Right away, I love the concept of telling the adventures of Anakin and Obi-Wan in between Episodes II and III. They're the best part of the prequels to me, and there's a lot of space here to explore their relationship. And I already adore Skywalker's dynamic with Ahsoka, whose new show coming up later this year is the main reason I'm watching this.

The thing is... at most of the time, it's all just way too childish to me. Or just mostly irrelevant. There are entire lines of dialogue or even scenes that could be cut and not make any difference. Had my phone on my hand through the last half hour. All that, admittedly, among some surprisingly exciting action sequences, awesome music and a few captivating characters.

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PS: Reading the names of Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Lee on the credits surprised the shit out of me.

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