Disheveled Baby

Disheveled Baby


42, social distancing since before it was cool

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  • The Long Goodbye
  • Too Old to Die Young
  • The Green Knight
  • Inherent Vice

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  • At Close Range


  • You Can Count on Me


  • Runner Runner


  • Looper


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  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    What if…Chinatown took a 30 year weed nap?

  • Dr. Giggles

    Dr. Giggles

    In honor of Mother’s Day I decided to watch my Mom’s favorite movie, Dr. Giggles.

    15 minutes in my sister calls and says our Mom’s favorite movie is not Dr. Giggles, it’s While You Were Sleeping.

    Well, I already started Dr. Giggles and I don’t even have access to While You Were Sleeping anyways and she says, “Well you can access it through my Amazon account” and I said “Oh that’s great, thanks a lot sis!” but I’m not really gonna watch While You Were Sleeping, is she fucking crazy? 

    No, I’m watching Dr. Giggles - in honor of Mom

Recent reviews

  • At Close Range

    At Close Range


    Many years back I ran into an acquaintance from my first high school and asked what he’d been up to and he mentions a few years in prison

    “Oh, what were the charges?” and he starts explaining how he worked for some guys that were stealing farm equipment like tractors and stuff and selling it across state lines

    “Like in At Close Range?” and he’d never heard of it

    What an idiot!

  • Runner Runner

    Runner Runner

    This shit is clown shoes

    They keep saying they’re in Costa Rica but then we see several cool shots of world famous Puerto Rican tourist sights, it’s a little thing in the scheme of things but indicative of the level this movie is working on

    I kind of liked JT in Alpha Dog and Southland Tales, thought he was alright in Social Network but wtf is this? His acting is going in the wrong direction

    This is one that slipped…

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  • The Florist

    The Florist

    With a description much more interesting than the film itself, The Florist is a mockumentary about a woman who sells edible flowers that give you a buzz but is now looking to sell an elusive game changer called the “comet flower” - The Florist is in serious contention for my least favorite movie of the year

    The absolute worst part of this movie is our titular Florist Annika, she has no personality to speak of other than being a “go-getter”…

  • Pig



    Really enjoyed Pig, it’s good to see Nicolas Cage utilizing his chops again