Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★

a movie about two people who want so badly to be seen, heard, and validated that no matter how much they try to stay away from their messy coupling, they can't. i was genuinely moved by how this movie nails the feeling of finally being understood by someone when you're in the middle of growing up and how powerful it can be. that kind of validation means everything in that moment, and you hold on to it for dear life, even if it's messy and temporary and fraught. it's a tender feeling that LP gets right, and that's maybe the movie's biggest accomplishment.

it is so, so close to being a perfect PTA film, but is ruined by a stupid, useless recurring bit with racist asian jokes (seemingly meant to make the character cracking them look dumb, but it feels clunky and gross every time).  

also, the age gap can feel weird (especially considering that cooper hoffman is probably closer to 18 than 15 irl and his character could've easily been aged up to match). but maybe the messiness there is the point?? there's obviously a cinematic history of age gaps that work for the story and the point a movie is trying to make (hi, harold & maude). now, licorice pizza joins this legacy.

cooper hoffman and alana haim are delightful, and i hope i see more movies with them in the future! there are plenty of other performances and cameos that nicely round out the movie, which i won't spoil here. 

it's a complicated, tender, weird romance about being seen and how shitty it is to grow up! 

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