Crash ★★★★★

I remember watching this as one of my first Cronenberg's and disliking it more than the others (I was more into Videodrome and media paranoia back then, you'll have to excuse me). Now Crash may be the one I am more in love with, and probably because it just grows on me every single time I watch it. It's the apocalypse of metal and blood, of flesh and motor. It acknowledges deranged realities without pointing the obvious at you, like we're watching a morbid desire come to life and then die away multiple times. This is not the infatuation with wet dreams of a David Lynch, as lovely as that can be, but a smack in the face of dreams from the utopia of lust. Immortality and broken bodies, junk love in place of vapid spirituality. The recreation of death over and over again to become something else, somewhere far from here.

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