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Encompassing both documentary and fiction, our music-on-film picks not only celebrate the electric magnetism of live concerts but also explore the trials and tribunals of the artists themselves.

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For four years Éric Baudelaire regularly met with students from the film group at Dora Maar middle school in Saint-Denis. Time for them to grow together, time to find the form of a film in which they would be the true subjects: its characters, its authors and its promise.

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After a renowned Hollywood career that included RoboCop and Total Recall, Paul Verhoeven returned to his native Netherlands (and his filmmaking roots) for one of his greatest triumphs: a spectacular, acclaimed, thrilling WWII epic, and the biggest box office hit in Dutch history.

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One of the great independent features, David Lynch’s 1977 debut is a miracle of craft and sound design. Featuring an enigmatic lead performance from Jack Nance and spilled-ink lensing from Frederick Elms, Eraserhead is a visionary nightmare that plunders the darkest recesses of the American psyche.

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Told in her own words through diary entries or letters, and using a wide range of—often exclusive—material, this documentary about the fascinating figure of Maria Callas portrays her battles with her “diva” image, and the polarity between one’s public and private persona. A legend deconstructed.

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Julia Ducournau could impregnate me with any motorized vehicle of her choosing

Intuitively alive to the vulnerabilities of adolescence, Bill Forsyth’s coming-of-age film, now a perennial classic, was an unlikely smash hit. Culled from the Scottish Youth Theatre, the impressive cast bring a lively authenticity to their characters’ comical mishaps and relatable growing pains.

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i bet a whole load of people are gonna shrug this off as just a film about kids but to me it actually has a very powerful, very marxist ideology behind it. use what's available: curiosity, imagination...

baudelaire described his style as 'horizontal': not looking at the children from above, anticipating or projecting on their vision. from this, the choice of giving them the camera. it was not a “pedagogical" participation of the children. he did not want the teach…

Shot over a period of four years, Un Film dramatique follows the creative intuitions of 20 budding Parisian artists at Dora Maar Middle School in Saint-Denis as they experiment with cameras on their own terms, theoretically reflect on the medium, and debate issues of ethnicity, discrimination, and representations of power and identity. Humorous, intimate, and illuminating, Éric Baudelaire’s film is a testament to cinema’s collaborative nature, in which the young filmmakers become co-authors and subjects of their own lives.

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