Moviegoing Memories: Gaspar Noé

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The director of VORTEX tells us about his most memorable movie screening and the film he'd most like to see on the big screen.

Moviegoing Memories is a series of short interviews with filmmakers about going to the movies. Gaspar Noé's VORTEX is MUBI GO's Film of the Week in the UK for 13 May, 2022.

NOTEBOOK: How would you describe your movie in the least amount of words?

GASPAR NOÉ: Dementia is a nightmare.

NOTEBOOK: Where and what is your favorite movie theater? Why is it your favorite?

NOÉ: I love the big big theaters: the Grande Salle Lumière at Cannes, the Grand Rex and the Max Linder in Paris, and the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Koreatown, LA.

NOTEBOOK: What is the most memorable movie screening of your life? Why is it memorable?

NOÉ: 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I saw when I was 6. It was my first hallucinatory trip.

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